Florida Gators’ Treyaun Webb praises new strength and conditioning program, highlights shift from last year

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Treyaun Webb

In late December 2023, Billy Napier initiated a critical shift in Florida’s Strength and Conditioning program. Mark Hocke, a long-time associate, transitioned to a different role within the staff, making way for Craig Fitzgerald to take the helm as Director of Football Strength and Conditioning.

For Florida Gators running back Treyaun Webb, this change was a much-needed one. On a recent episode of Gators Breakdown, Webb reflected on the past training regimen, saying, “Last year around this time we had people pulling hamstrings, getting hurt because we ran a lot. We didn’t really focus on getting bigger. We were just running like we were a track team. We would do Olympic lifts, stuff like that.”

Despite their efforts, Florida ended Napier’s second season with a disappointing 5-7 record, closing with a five-game losing streak. Webb attributed this to a lack of physical strength compared to other teams, stating, “I felt like in my opinion, we weren’t as big as other teams last year. That kind of hurt us.”

With the new strength staff, led by Fitzgerald, there’s a heightened attention to detail and a reinforced standard of performance. Webb praised the new regime, saying, “Coach Fitz is a great dude, he knows what he’s doing.”

The primary objective for the 2024 season, under Fitzgerald’s guidance, is to grow bigger and stronger. Webb emphasized Fitzgerald’s focus on physical development, stating, “He’s focused on us getting bigger. I feel like the difference between last year and this year, I’m not as sore as far as my hamstrings and stuff. I feel refreshed. So, I feel like the whole staff is way different from last year. The whole program was way different and I feel like it’s better for us.”

Webb appreciates the new approach, as it aligns with his style of play. He described the new mentality, “I feel like this program, how this staff is, it’s more geared towards how I was at high school for me… as far as their mentality to push hard nosed, get physical. I felt like last year’s staff… how we went about things is more lackadaisical… But this is attention to detail, fast, do it the right away. The standard is what it is. The standard is going to stay the standard. We’re not lowering it no matter what.”

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