ELITE WR Vernell Brown III commits to the Florida Gators over FSU, Miami. and Ohio St.

David Waters breaks down the commitment of Vernell Brown III to the Florida Gators as the elite WR picks the Gators over FSU, Miami, and Ohio State.

Experience and Production: Billy Napier on the Strength of the 2024 Florida Gators | SEC Media Days

David Waters reacts to what Florida Gators head coach Billy Napier, Graham Mertz, Montrell Johnson, and Shemar James said at the 2024 SEC Media Days.

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“I follow a lot of different people that cover the Gators I’m a die hard Gator fan but just recently in the last couple years really dove into the recruiting side of things and more of off season news. You are hands down my favorite outlet not only for the instant coverage on Gator news but also the way you cover it. You never try to deliver any news for click bait or to be the first out you instead you give knowledgeable trustworthy information. The way you interact with members group is so genuine and I can truly tell your a Gator fan just like us it’s top notch and the only podcast I really look forward to listening to each time.”

– Bsizzle

“-Diligence- you are always ready to react to the latest news, which is a great way for me to keep up with what’s going on -Well-rounded coverage – i like that you’ll do everything from a player interview, recruiting reaction, scheme discussion, press conference coverage. etc. You cover the gators in a very well-rounded and comprehensive way which I enjoy.”

– JPGator

“Awesome and well worth a listen
It’s so refreshing to hear about Gator news, sports, and insights without the drama that often accompanies it on social media and podcasts. Dave, Will, and their guests know their stuff and aren’t there just to “stir the
(proverbial) pot” but provide real, up to date, and accurate information for real Gator fans. The guests are great, and they always leave you wanting more. If you’re a true Gator fan, this podcast is for you.”

– champton85

“Best Gator Pod on the Block
Gators Breakdown is the best UF pod in the business. Dave does an excellent job bringing great content, guests,and interviews while remaining realistic in his assessments. You can tell Dave has a passion for Florida Football and loves his job. Also GB+ is a game changer. Dave is a composite 5″

– jfletch18

“Details and Balance
This is the best Gators podcast I have come across in years. David is well researched and balanced. Even when times are tough in Gatorland he comes through as calm and resourceful. I listen to everything he puts out and all very solid work.”

– CurlyAdonis

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