Florida Gators running back Treyaun Webb poised to shine after Etienne’s transfer

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The news of running back Trevor Etienne’s transfer from the Florida Gators to the rival, Georgia Bulldogs, came as a “stab-in-the-back” to Gator Nation. However, this move will prove beneficial for Florida running back Treyaun Webb. As a second-year player, Webb is poised to build on his freshman year and help compensate for Etienne’s departure.

Reflecting on his progress, Webb stated during a Gators Breakdown interview, “As I went on throughout the season, the game kind of slowed down for me as far as practice and reading the defense and stuff like that.”

Looking ahead to his sophomore season, Webb expressed his readiness to contribute more significantly. He said, “Going into year two, I want to able to put it all together. I feel like I have the physicality, the mindset. The mindset that I have now is all about becoming a 4-D player.” Webb went on to elaborate on what a 4-D running back is in Billy Napier’s offense, “Somebody who can see the field… Know their responsibility, the o-lineman’s responsibility, the other defense’s responsibility, stuff like that… Just really picking up the game faster and seeing it from a wider perspective.”

Regarding Etienne’s transfer, Webb conveyed respect, “I approached it as a brother if anything. Me and him got really close throughout the season. He was my roommate as far as road games, and home games at the hotel. Me an him got really close. And it’s just more like, you I’m proud of you.”

The Gators will face off against Etienne’s new team, the Bulldogs, in November. Webb acknowledged the rivalry, stating, “When we see them in Jacksonville, then we’re going to see them. That’s what that comes down to. He’s going to lace his cleats up, I’m going to lace mine up, and we’re going to see him on the fifty. My motto… he’s my brother still, but it’s still Florida-Georgia.” Webb’s sentiment is shared by the team, who understand the stakes when the two teams meet on the St. Johns River. “The rivalry is the rivalry. I feel like the whole team knows he’s our brother and we’ll support him wherever it goes. But as far as the Florida-Georgia game, it’s a rivalry, so we’ll see him on the other side when it is time to play. I feel like he knows that. It’s a mutual understanding. It’s gonna be fun. It’s going to be hard nosed and physical. So that’s what it is.”

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