PODCAST: Florida searching for answers down the stretch

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Florida Gators searching for answers

With three consecutive losses and only two games remaining on the schedule, the Florida Gators are searching for answers to end the season on a positive note.

David Waters is joined by Will Miles to discuss the challenges the Gators are facing on both offense and defense, and to find solutions for a strong finish.

Dave and Will discuss these quotes from Billy Napier:

Q. After review, what were some of the things that maybe stood out to you about your defensive performance against LSU, issues with things that went wrong, and what’s correctible moving forward?

BILLY NAPIER: It’s much like every week. I think it’s communication, it’s alignment. I think that there are fundamentals and techniques that can improve. Playing with good eye discipline, good leverage.

LSU contributes to some of that. I think obviously the quarterback’s ability to escape and extend, and even when we kept him in the pocket and played coverage, he was able to get through the progression.

We won some matchups. We lost some matchups. I do feel like the effort was good. I mean, when I watched all three parts of the — of our team, I do feel like the effort was good.

Some of it is very specific. There are times where we can help the players, and there’s times where players have opportunities. I think it’s a combination of all those things.


Q. Offense to this point and how it’s progressed through the year and kind of established an identity.

BILLY NAPIER: I think most weeks I’d like to have one or two more scores a game. I think ultimately I’m evaluating it within the play, within the possession. I think we’re sound in what we do. We have developed more consistency.

I think early on we had some issues. We had some struggles. I do think we’ve developed some consistency. We’ve also developed some players, some guys that were backups that have gotten experience that have improved. Whether that’s the two freshmen tight ends or Jake Slaughter or we get Kam Waites back, Trey Wilson gains confidence and gets experience, whatever the case may be. So I think players have improved. We’re getting a little bit more consistency across the board, and that’s allowed us to be a little bit more effective.

We’re — we need to play better complementary football. Ultimately, that’s our issue. It isn’t just one unit. We have to put all parts of our team together. At this point where we’re at, that’s the issue. The defense shows up, and the offense doesn’t. Not just week to week, but half to half or quarter to quarter.

Consistency is what we’re seeking, and I do think we need to continue to develop players. We need to see improvement from players, and we need to eliminate some of the mistakes that have nothing to do with the opponent.

I think that’s my struggle. That’s what I think about. I think I can handle some of the matchup that’s we get positioned in and, hey, look, it is what it is. But some of those things that we can help, that’s what I’m consumed with right now.


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