Max Brown looks back at first start and Florida’s season

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Max Brown

Florida quarterback Max Brown made his first career start against Florida State in a 24-15 defeat. Brown reflects on his start, the season, and the progress of the program.


Q. Max, obviously not the result you would want in your first career start. Could you take us through the emotions of the night, not only with the result, but just to get a first career start out of the way.

MAX BROWN: Yeah, it was a crazy environment in there. I just want to give credit to my team right there. My defense and the offense, they battled the whole night. They battled. We didn’t end how we wanted to, but I really want to give credit to those group of guys that really battled and competed.

Yeah, man, I think it just comes down to being able to put points on the board in the red zone in our territory, man. Make it easier on our defense. They played lights out. But I think ultimately putting points on the board will make it easier for our defense for sure.

Q. How much did, if at all, the few — the little bit of playing time you got last week in Missouri, how much did that help you heading into this game?

MAX BROWN: I think any time you get any experience in any type of college, SEC game, it will ultimately help you out. It got me somewhat prepared for this game, but yeah.

Q. In that first quarter, you guys go on that first drive and get a field goal attempt, second drive you get a touchdown. How much did that help your confidence a little bit to start fast a little bit in the first quarter?

MAX BROWN: Yeah, we were driving. We were doing what we needed to do offensively and defensively. But I think just going out and getting six, seven points instead of three ultimately changes the outcome of the game.

Q. You understandably seem very dejected. Just how tough is it for the season to end like this tonight?

MAX BROWN: It’s tough, man. Any time you see a group of guys, a group of seniors that have put their heart out the whole year, balled out. I can’t give credit enough to the group of senior leadership that we’ve had.

So I think having those group of guys, being able to watch them and watch how they acted, how they played, it’s tough, man. It’s tough going out on that note. Definitely something our team will learn from in the future, but it’s hard losing on that note and seeing those group of guys and going out on that note.

Q. You’re kind of chasing points there and they’re able to pin theirs a little bit. Just how tough was that down the stretch with kind of keeping them at bay? You were getting knocked around a good bit late in the game.

MAX BROWN: I think we tried to go down there and put the ball down there in the end zone and score points towards the end, and it didn’t work out how we wanted to.

Q. The trick play attempt in the second quarter seemed like it was a little slow developing. How much did that and some other negative plays kind of impact the offense? It seemed like there were a few. Obviously the holding penalty late in the first half. How tough was that for you guys ultimately to overcome during the course of the game?

MAX BROWN: I think there’s a few plays in that first half especially and in the second half that ultimately me, in particular, have to be able to clean up. I think going and watching the film and learning from it is huge. Being able to see the mistakes you made and for future terms not make the same mistakes.

Q. Max, obviously tough first outing. You were sacked six times, a lot of QB hurries as well. You were facing a really tough Florida State defensive front. So I just want to get your take. How are you trying to counter the pass rush? Do you think it started to get to you as the game went on, just them barrelling at you? Do you think that was just a tough mental block to overcome?

MAX BROWN: Yeah, I think I need to do a better job ultimately with protections and putting my center and my O-line in a better situation to make plays.

I think ultimately that comes down to me and my decision-making, seeing defenses, seeing the defensive shell and the pressures. I think that that’s something that I can definitely improve on.

But being able to see that and I think putting my guys in a better situation, I think that’s definitely something there.

Q. Do you feel the sense of urgency to start work for next year almost immediately? Like maybe take a day or two off and then get going.

MAX BROWN: Yeah, I think any time that you have the outcome that you don’t want, or even that you do want, as a competitor, how do you want to respond? How do you want to take on the next day? How do you want to take on the next week, month, year of your life?

I think that ultimately decides how much of a competitor you are. I think that’s what makes this game so interesting and makes this whole process, it’s a part of the story.

Q. Do you feel this team is close?

MAX BROWN: Yes, absolutely. The guys that we have in this locker room, I think — I can’t give credit enough to how far we’ve come as a team. I think what matters most is the group of guys in our locker room, and we’ve really harnessed in on how important that is for us.

So I think going forward that’s definitely going to be a big take going into this off-season.

Q. Fans or us on the outside will just see the record from year one to year two, but inside the program, you were one of the first commits and one of the first in the class to sign. What do you see that shows you there has been progress and that the program is heading in the right direction?

MAX BROWN: I see competitiveness. I see a group of guys that come to battle every day no matter the circumstance. So I think that’s been a big tale of our season, how tough you are. I know sometimes you don’t get the outcome you want. Sometimes seeing it from the outside-in, it’s not always what you want to see.

Especially as a fan base, I know it’s tough. They pour their heart into this program, and I really want to give credit to them too. They were crazy tonight. They played their role, and they played a big part in the game.

I think just being able to go into this off-season and know that it’s the group of guys in this program. It’s us. You know what I’m saying?

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