Florida Gators’ defensive line deeper with Cam Jackson leading the charge

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Expectations for the Florida Gators defense are on the rise due to the hiring of new defensive coordinator, Austin Armstrong. However, the real reason for the team’s success on the field is likely due to the deepening of the defensive line, beginning with the addition of Memphis transfer, Cam Jackson.

With his vast experience of being at Memphis for three years, Jackson knew he had to play a leadership role on the team. “With me being at Memphis for three years and having a lot of experience, I knew I had to come in and have a leadership role. We have a young D-line so I knew I had to have that leadership role.”

Jackson has bigger spotlight in the SEC

Jackson is confident that he can showcase his skills in the SEC, following his impressive performance at Memphis. He believes that it’s time for him to demonstrate his prowess to the world. “Coming into the SEC, I feel like I can I can come in and show what I really can do. Everybody saw what I did at Memphis and what I can do there. I feel like it’s time for me to show what I can do.”

As for his role in Austin Armstrong’s defense? “They just tell me to be explosive”

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Cam Jackson and Desmond Watson anchor the line

The defensive line of the Florida Gators is filled with talent, which includes Caleb, Chris McClellan, Will Norman, and Jackson himself. “We fast and violent and I feel like we bring a lot to the table, Jackson said.”

The middle of the defensive line boasts a lot of size, with Cam Jackson weighing 371 pounds, and Desmond Watson coming in at 439 pounds. This combination of size and talent is sure to pose a challenge to any team that faces them. “Me and Des, we play a lot. You ain’t running the ball up in there,” Jackson said. “You really can’t run up the middle with me and Des in the game. I feel like we’re going to cause a lot of havoc this year.”

The duo will be paired together often this season to help the defense improve on their ranking of 12th in the SEC, where they gave up 175.2 yards per game. Watson was part of that defense, but with the addition is sure to make a significant impact and take the defense to new heights.

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Photo credit: Ashley Ray, UAA Communications

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